Wales Carers Alliance welcomes New Carers Charter, September 2022

Wales Carers Alliance members welcomed Welsh Government publishing a new Charter setting out the rights of all unpaid carers in Wales. The Charter aims to raise awareness so:

• all unpaid carers know about their rights

• unpaid carers recognise when they aren’t getting their rights

• professionals, in all services, know about unpaid carers rights

See more information here: Charter for unpaid carers: summary | GOV.WALES

Wales Carers Alliance members have raised concerns that carers have not, and continue to be unable to, access their rights.

Wales Carers Alliance Manifesto for the 2021 Senedd election

In advance of the Senedd Cymru/Welsh Parliament election held on May 6th 2021, the members of the Wales Carers Alliance collectively agreed a manifesto of policy proposals across six areas to improve the lives of unpaid carers in Wales. Alliance members promoted the manifesto in advance of the election and the manifesto forms the basis of our lobbying priorities for the new Welsh Government. 

Over a fifth of the population in Wales is looking after someone who requires care because of their age, illness or disability. Unpaid carers in Wales have been close to breaking point for years. Despite legal entitlements to support services, advice and needs assessments, unpaid carers have long struggled to get support to help them care. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic carers have had to care for longer with less support as services have been reduced or closed. This is simply not sustainable.

The Wales Carers Alliance is an alliance of charities that exists to uphold the rights of unpaid carers and champion the voice of carers across Wales. Our work is guided by the carers we support and who volunteer with our organisations. This manifesto sets out our shared vision for a Wales that values and supports its unpaid carers. We have agreed specific, deliverable commitments that we ask of those seeking to form the next Welsh Government.

The pandemic has given us all a new appreciation of the heroic efforts of all those who keep Wales going. This Senedd election must be the time when Wales recognises the debt it owes to its unpaid carers and resolves to use every lever and power to deliver meaningful improvements to the lives of Wales’ carers over the next five years.

Read the full manifesto here